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The Western Wellbeing Partnership

A Directory of Services is currently being developed to offer information and advice on care and support to the Residents in the West.  

Public, Private, Third Sector and other providers or organisations are now invited to register their information for inclusion into this new centralised Directory of Services which will be updated regularly and made available in both printed and electronic format. 

Wellbeing Partnerships are a locally-based team who provide co-ordinated support for people to help them stay well in their own community through a single point of referral.

Wellbeing Partnerships bring together statutory health and social care services as well as third sector organisations and domiciliary care agencies to deliver a seamless, multi-agency, person-centred health and social care service that will deliver better outcomes for our population.

Promoting equality and inclusion is at the heart of the integrated care and wellbeing partnership model.


The Wellbeing Partnership aims to: 

  • Optimise peoples’ health and wellbeing by providing prompt assessment, advice, education, and support, with focus on health promotion, for those who:

  • have experienced a recent deterioration in function or condition

  • may be at risk of admission to hospital or a care home

  • May require a prolonged stay in hospital or a care home

  • Make addressing social isolation everyone’s business

  • Share knowledge and skills and have respect for each other’s strengths, delivering services in equal partnership

  • Be responsible for managing planned care and support by accessing services from statutory and third sector organisations as appropriate

  • Improve accessibility to community services and resources

  • Improve referral time by having a single point of contact, reducing time spent navigating services

  • Avoid people going into hospital or long-term care unnecessarily

  • Avoid unnecessarily prolonged hospital stays

  • Enable and empower people to be as independent as possible following a significant change in personal circumstances, leading to an increased risk of being unable to live independently

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