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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy covers what we collect and how we use, disclose, transfer and store your information.


What information do we collect when you use the ManxPACT website?

When you use the ManxPACT website, we use various technologies to collect information automatically – such as your IP address. This is commonplace across all internet services to enable the investigation of issues such as service availability and the identification of malicious use. This information is then kept in our internet access logs.

We also collect some personal information directly – for example, when you actively submit details like your postcode to find nearby services.


How do we use the information we collect about you?

We analyse information to see what is most effective about our website and associated services to help us identify ways to improve it and to make it more effective. We may also use information for other purposes, which we would describe to you at the point when we collect the information.



Our website uses cookies. These are small files saved on your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website. They store information about how you use the website, such as the pages you visit.

The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. For all other types of cookies we need your permission before we can use them on your device.


Video content

The ManxPACT website video content – whether viewed on the website, in emails or embedded in third-party sites – are streamed to users by a third-party company, YouTube, Facebook and some Videos are created in-house by our ManxPACT Team.


Email subscriptions

If you sign up for one of our email subscription services, we will hold the information you submitted (such as your email address) for as long as we are providing you services.

If you do not access the services provided by us, for instance you do not open or click through one of the emails for more than a year, we may then send you an email asking you to confirm that you wish to continue receiving our emails. If you do not respond to this email within 1 month we will unsubscribe you.

We can/will remove all personal information we hold relating to you, which you registered with us, within 6 months of you unsubscribing from the site. We hold this information for a further 6 months following unsubscription, as we may need to use it for statistical analysis or if you choose to resubscribe. Be assured that if you unsubscribe you will not receive further information from us.


Website enquiries

If you contact the ManxPACT website with an enquiry, such as a question about our content, you may be contacted to provide feedback on how we managed your enquiry. You will be asked for your consent when you submit your data to us.

We will hold the information you provide us for as long as necessary to support the service we are providing you, for example so we can continue to provide assistance or resolve an ongoing issue.

If no communication has been made in over 12 months and the information is not required to resolve an ongoing issue, then all communication and any personal information will be deleted. Non-personal information, such as how long your enquiry was open for or the part of the website you were using, will remain. This is to allow for reporting over a period greater than 12 months.

Information is kept for 12 months to allow for trend analysis, identifying reoccurring issues and understanding common issues.

Exceptions include those currently following the complaints process, or when consent to keep information for longer has been obtained. Additionally, if we have determined that the information supplied contains personal information that we do not need to hold to provide assistance, we will endeavour to remove this information sooner.

Our interactive tools

We produce several interactive tools that can help you learn more about your health. For example, our Website Plug-in Apps, Mobile App tools can help you find out how healthy your heart is.

As well as appearing on the ManxPACT website, these tools can be used on other (third-party) sites.

If you turn on cookies that measure website use (on our cookies page), use of our tools on third-party sites will be tracked. No personal data is collected by these tools.

Information gathered by us includes your IP address, the page a tool is used on, and how many times it is used. In some cases, tracking is used to show user progress through a tool. This information will not be shared with third parties. All our tools store the number of times a user has visited the tool. Some tools also store information about how far you got through a tool, so you do not have to restart the tool if you use it again.

Some tools, such as website plug-in, mobile APP and other tools, allow input of date of birth or postcode, which are converted to age and deprivation score.


Social media

We utilise the following social media platforms to interact with our users:

  • Facebook (incorporating Instagram)

  • Twitter

  • YouTube


How the ManxPACT website collects and stores your data

If you choose to interact with us on social media, we may receive some personally identifiable data about you, which is supplied by the channel you are using (for example, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube). This may include:

  • name

  • social media handles (such as Twitter account name)

  • location history (where you are contacting us from)

  • images (such as your profile picture)

We will process and store your data in accordance with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the platform in question. You should be aware that your use of these platforms is governed by the terms and conditions agreed between you and the platform, rather than the ManxPACT website.

We may use social media management tools (such as Hootsuite) to help deliver elements of our service to you. Any personally identifiable data processed using these tools is supplied by the platforms we use, in accordance with their terms and conditions.

We may from time to time remove, duplicate or transfer your personal data from or between any of the social platforms that we use, if you have any objections to this action, then we encourage you to UNSUBSCRIBE at once or you may ask us to limit what and where we post about you, but you will need to give us your specific instructions as to what data you are happy for us to share about you.  You may contact us at: or just message us via our contact page onsite.

You should be aware that social networks may control some of the data associated with interactions between you (the user) and us (the ManxPACT website) on their platforms. For example, we will be able to delete our own records of a private message conversation if you request us to do so, but social networks may store a copy of this conversation that we are unable to access.

We would recommend using the privacy tools built in to the social networks in question to ensure you are able to exercise your rights appropriately.


Understanding how social networks use your data

Social networks use information about your online activity to build a profile of you. This data is then used (anonymously) to send you targeted adverts across various digital platforms.

You should be aware that interacting with health-related accounts such as ours may help build the profile of you that social networks maintain, and could potentially result in you receiving adverts related to health issues.

This process of collecting data for advertising purposes is not controlled by the ManxPACT website, and we do not have access to the profiling data stored by social networks about you.


Keeping information secure

We invest significant resources to protect your personal information, from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. However, no internet-based site can be 100% secure and so we cannot be held responsible for unauthorised or unintended access that is beyond our control.

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