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ManxPACT - help in the community

About our work:
We meet each month with our growing membership to discuss the latest issues on the Island in terms of Mental Health.

We have just started a regular weekly clinic to meet members of the public to offer help and signposting to any in need of assistance to facilitate management of their Mental Health issues...


whether you need a chat with someone to combat your loneliness, or a listing ear to discuss your thoughts or feelings with a fellow sufferer who truly understands what they are going through or more professional help via signposting to Manx Care, local Charities who cater for your illness, disorder or issue, then come meet with us each Saturday.  (See below for details of our current meetings and locations)

What will you do:

As a ManxPact volunteer you will be Volunteering your time to sufferers who need support.   We can offer you friendship, colleague support and help to understand mental health honing your  "Active Listening skills" via our learning platform and more...

You can use our Learning partners to increase your knowledge and understanding of many mental health disorders and issues which are effecting your fellow islanders and the wider world.

GO TO the menu option...FOR UNDERSTANDING / Online University and learn for free


We are just about to launch our Befrienders program, where two volunteer members visit people in the community at there homes or a designated location for a chat or to offer a helping hand.

You may want to attend meetings that help give you a greater understanding of ManxPact and our aims.  Or you may wish to speak to other Island groups to further the aims and encourage greater cooperation, or just meet up with other members to help you own situation.


ManxPACT exists to promote people’s involvement with:

  • Mental health services

  • Positive wellbeing

  • Challenging prejudice and stigma

  • Reducing isolation

  • Enabling people to increase their confidence

  • General support, including signposting to other cross-sector services

  • Supporting local area initiatives

  • Consultations and events

Referral criteria:
Anyone living on the island who wants to get involved with the development of mental health services. Helping people to be part of groups, attend meetings and become involved in local area mental health and well-being related discussions and  events. Enabling people to work together to make their voices heard by professionals and politicians in relation to treatment and care, to try to improve the services they receive. 

Weekly Clinics:

We meet each Saturday around 10.30 - 11am at the Bohemian Coffee shop on Strand Street, Douglas, Isle of Man

Courses to help our Volunteers:


Click one of the Online learning button links below:

This is a small selection we have chosen to help you help others.  But your learning journey does not have end there, as there are more than 4,000 other courses to choose form with our partners.


All courses on offer from our partners are FREE TO LEARN and are approved CPD courses and higher.  The only costs involved are when if you need to show that you have completed a course as proof to your employers, then you must purchase a certificate.

Become a ManxPACT volunteer

As a community support group we encourage others within our Island community to help us, to help support the wider community.  There are many ways to do this...


Begin by completing the "Expression of Interest" form  below.

Thanks for submitting!

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