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Menopause and Mental Health

Depression is horrible and not one of us is immune. When I first opened about about my depression one comment that has always stayed with me is "Thankfully, I am not susceptible to depression." This seemingly innocent remark is wrong on so many levels and forms a part of the overall stigma surrounding mental health. Just as depression can affect anyone, there are many causes of depression and we must never try to make comparisons between them. Depression is horrible no matter the cause. What we must do is understand and support the individual and believe them.

Another condition with a huge stigma is the menopause. Whilst many are trying to tackle the stigma and educate others, for many the subject remains taboo. When subjects become taboo additional mental health problems follow. Depression can be another affect of the menopause that we should all be aware of, and must not shy away from discussing. Please see the following article on the menopause and mental health: The article examines at what can happen and provides ideas for help and support. As with all our articles please do share and most importantly start a conversation.

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