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Illness and Depression

As we know there are many causes of mental ill health yet time and again we are told we are weak, lacking resilience or some other such stereotype.

Part of my depression is a chemical imbalance that needs the assistance of drugs. I also have an imbalance that causes hay-fever but no one judges me because I need to take anti-histamine.

There are many illnesses that can specifically cause depression. It is particularly cruel because such illnesses are so horrible as they are, including dementia and Parkinson's. Other illnesses such as cancer, MND etc and any life changing injuries, sight and hearing loss can also lead to depression.

I was recently chatting to someone about Lewy Body Dementia. It is one of the most common types of dementia, but because we only ever talk about dementia we tend not to understand various types and specific symptoms. To learn more please see the following:,gradually%20worse%20over%20several%20years.

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