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How Change Happens

This is a difficult message. Whilst ultimately the picture below is true, it is far from straightforward.

We can only change the future by tackling the past. By recognising and address how the past affected us in so many ways. We need to understand our bad habits born from a necessity to protect us during the trauma. That takes a long time and counselling. It is not something we can do on our own. We need support of others to help us through this tough process.

We cannot wake up and suddenly decide to change our mindset. It was other people's behaviour that caused the crisis. We have been traumatised by others. Again we must understand what happened, understand how others affect us before we can truly change our mindset. A process that can take a long time. We need a good support network to help us in the process.

When we have spent a lifetime ignoring our point of view we can't suddenly decide to change. We need to learn what we want. Again it is about unlearning old lessons and forming our own opinions.

It is vital those who have never experienced trauma undertand the full message. To tell someone they can't change the past but can change the future is denying the problem.

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