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England Suicide Prevention Strategy

The England Suicide Prevention Strategy has been released and can be found here:

There is simply no comparison between this strategy and ours. There is a humility and urgency lacking in our strategy. There is detail on what is being undertaken for different groups and the statistics have been used within the strategy.

There are no buzz words and phrases. And not once is resilience/resilient mentioned. There is no blame and it has been acknowledged the stigma must be tackled. There is a huge emphasis on Mental Health Services and support required for those in crisis. No accepting of waiting lists. No comments about funding not being the answer. Substantial funding has been included to improve all services and effect all plans.

I hope all Tynwald Members read this strategy and contrast it with the IOM Strategy especially in the lead up to the debate in October. We can and must do much better. We urge all members to contact their MHKs to highlight concerns about the current strategy. It needn't be more that a few lines to say much more must be done.

We at Manx PACT will continue our work and support all those who are left our of the strategy and in need of the vital support they are not receiving from Manx Care.

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