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Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy - Questionaire

We thank you most sincerely for your time.  Please believe that your opinion matters and by giving it here in our questionnaire it could make a difference in our Healthcare system going forward!  There are two parts...First ready the strategy then complete the form below:

Stage one:

Begin by reading the details outlined in the Strategy, you can find the Government Letter & the previous strategy shown above.


Stage Two:

Now that you have read the "Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy" letter please complete all areas of the form below.  As you see we only require your first name or your initials as your form submission will be anonomous, but your answers will be very inportant in our reponse to Government.

By completing this form, you are take steps to have a say in the future of the Islands healthcare system!

We thank you in advance for your time and your responses

Very Best Wishes

Juan and the team of ManxPACT

Please read letter first !

You can Download / Print / Complete / Scan & email to us at:

Now, please complete our form below.
Thanks in advance for helping:-))

Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy - Questionaire

Summary of requested feedback

We would now like your feedback on each of the parts described in the Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy – Engagement with Interested Parties

Thank you for supporting the development of the Mental Health and Well-being Strategy.

Your contribution is important and will help inform the next steps in this crucial work.

Best Wishes

ManxPACT Admin team

Thanks for submitting!

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