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Welcome to our Website Directory

Welcome to our inclusive Business, Health & Wellbeing services directory.


By completing our listing form you will also be verifying your business for all our site visitors and thusly you'll be making your business more attractive to the public, as they will have confidence in you and your services on offer.  Each listing will be registering your Personal Business or Company for one year. 


The aim of this directory is to create a One-Stop-Shop location for the Manx Public to visit and find not only your service, but all other "Health & Wellbeing" businesses too.  Our aim to make our Website Portal the Islands repository for information for the "Whole Island" Community. 


The benefit to your Personal Business / Company is that... as an Island based business it will cost you a fraction of other forms of advertising currently available to you.  Most importantly, it will save you the cost of creating your own website as you will get your own Business page as part of your listing.  This will really showcase your skills and your services to people who are specifically searching for "Your" type of business.


  • Main Directory listing link

  • Your own Personal or Business Page with...Your Logo/Photo, Your contact details, Your business description and more...

  • Listing your business or service for one year from as little as £18 per annum

  • We will advertise this Website Portal in all the usual online areas, boosting the sites rankings on most if not all platforms eventually and "Guess WHAT?"  We will not charge you extra as it is already included in your Annual Directory membership fee !

  • On your Web Page, you will be able to share your page easily with all your friends, customers and new leads to help you grow your business.

By Joining now, you are getting in on the ground floor of our directory listing service and as and when we roll out additional features...YOU ARE IN and will not need to pay anything extra at least until your renewal date one year on.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill in the form below and we will see you on the other side.

OH, just one more thing I forgot to mention!

We will design the web page for you, using your listing information, so you "Do Not" have to lift a finger in terms of the page design.  This is all part of our service

Best Wishes,

ManxPACT - Directory team

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Directory Listing & Verification form
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Terms & Conditions:

Please note:

The approval process can take up to 72 hours as it is reviewed manually by one of our Expert panel.  In addition, you should note that approval is not guaranteed as our panel may deem that your business is not suitable to be listed in our directory, we are not obliged to tell you why you have been refused entry into our directory, nor do we have to advise you of our selection criteria and internal procedural or operational methods. Also we reserve the right to update/add to/change/or delete in full or part herein and part of the current terms and conditions of directory listing entrance.  We recommend that you answer the questions above honestly and as fully as possible to help our panel make an informed judgement on your suitability.  ManxPACT directory listing and verification process is aimed at providing members of the public with the best possible verified information possible, so that they can make informed choices as to whether / or not to use your service.  By gaining a VERIFYED BY MANXPACT badge on your listing to are stating that you are qualified to give advice / or provide the services shown in your listing.  Please advise us immediately of any changes in your professional status, so that we can update your listing to reflect these changes and if based on this new information you no longer fit our criteria, we may/can/will downgrade your listing account to UNVERIFIED.  You are entitled to appeal to our panel giving your reasons and any additional information to help our panel come to a new or amended decision on your individual.  ManxPact expert panel decision after appeals process is final.

(NOTE: The appeals process which can take up to 28 days to conclude, given review of all current and new information available to them at the point of review)

Thank you! We will be in touch.

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