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Why me?

How Toxic Families Choose a Child to Scapegoat Please see a further article on the back of scapegoating.

To personalise this a little, some of the incidents I remember include a gust of wind once blowing through the house, one door with glass panels slammed shut and I was blamed for the glass breaking - and boy was I blamed!

I once received an art kit as a Christmas present. I covered the table with newspaper as I followed the instruction, but the substance leaked through to the table. I was told in no uncertain terms how I always ruin everything, why can't I grow up etc and that of course came with the obligatory smacking.

By contrast my brother was accepted as clumsy and wasn't it funny when he broke my toys!

Many years later I found out my sister had been taking drinks from the cabinet. Yes, I was blamed for that too even though I was only briefly home from University.

And so it went on...

Answering back or complaining was a big no, no. I was to blame. That damage is still with me now in everything I do, or anything that goes wrong.

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