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On our way to recovery we have many set backs that often make us believe we are on road to nowhere. We forget about the progress we have made as one small knock or trigger might cause the next downward spiral. That is normal and to be expected; our glass is almost full, we are operating with little space for that additional stress. Yet when we look back at our journey we can see how far we have come.

We might not realise it but we begin to recover quicker from those knocks. They are less severe than once they were and we put into practice our coping mechanisms. The glass very slowly starts to empty so we can take more knocks than we once did. We can cope with smaller stresses that once would have been devastating. Our support network helps us and we are quicker to call on that support.

Below is a stock market graph that shows the ups and downs of the market. We can see the crash but we also see the recovery and the ever upwards trend. Our journeys could all be measured on a similar graph. We can measure how long the lows last, we can look at the improvements and compare the falls. Why not give it a go starting with just how bad you felt at your lowest point. Give yourself credit for feeling better and days when you have been more capable. Then think about help and support that is available. Try new challenges and mark your progress. The setbacks are horrible but mark them too. Look at the graph as an overall timeline and think of you on those better days and how you can get them back again. Good luck with whatever stage you are on your journey and keep in mind your progress.

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