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What's in a soothe box?

A soothe box can help all of us when we are feeling low. You do not need to be suffering from mental ill health to keep one as they serve a reminder of a happy you. When you’re struggling or feeling distressed, it can be hard to think clearly about what you can do or what helps. A self-soothe box exists to help calm you, enabling you to think about your options and choose a healthier way of coping.

Start with a shoe box or similar container to keep a variety of helpful items. The box is unique to you and so put what you feel helps most in it. Think about items that relate to all your senses and be inventive. Sights could be anything form photos of holidays, your favourite location to favourite meals

Sounds could be a CD or link to a website with calming sounds: a reminder to listen to something, possibly with your eyes closed and no distractions. Smells could be, hand cream, aftershave etc that might trigger happy memories.

Touch, a piece of fabric (a fluffy sock!), a fidget toy or stress ball For breathing you could include instructions on breathing techniques. Think also of something simple you enjoy that could distract you when intrusive thoughts might become overwhelming. A crossword puzzle, a small jigsaw or a drawing/colouring book, or poetry book. You should also keep contact numbers to hand. Perhaps a link to ManxPACT, emergency numbers or friends and family members you could call. Think about your support network and include them.

There is no right or wrong things to include in the box. It is all about what works for you.

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