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What gets you out of bed?

This was a question a speaker raised at a recent dinner I attended. The speaker went on to discuss her job, but it got me thinking about myself. All too often I struggle to get out of bed at all. Certainly when I was in the grip of depression I could not think of any reason to get up. It was a question I struggled to answer when asked by my psychologist. So there I was on Friday thinking about it again.

I have been posting on ManxPACT for some time, meeting with politicians, working with the Chamber of Commerce all to improve wellbeing on the Island. I have established my company and spend time promoting it, servicing some wonderful clients, but all the while I have not considered what gets me up. Getting up can be a struggle, especially when I sleep poorly. I force myself out of bed, follow the same morning routines almost as an automaton until I open my computer, or get ready for meetings. I then go to the gym twice a week to help with my moods. So that question came as a timely reminder that I should try to focus on what I enjoy. Not so long ago I couldn't have said what that was and it is still difficult for me now. I will try to give myself focus in the mornings and through the day. Perhaps others going through a hard time could also consider their answer. Start with something small, possibly a TV show, music, a cup of tea or a small walk.

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