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We are being heard

This morning I attended a Social Affairs Policy Review Committee, a Standing Committee of Tynwald, inquiry. I discussed the background to Manx PACT including the dire need of such a support group on the Island. The Committee were there to listen and were genuinely interested in tackling the problem. I was able to talk about the dreadful suicide rate on the Island and the need for action now. I spoke about my personal experiences from feeling suicidal, speaking to the doctor and how I felt on being told of the waiting list. I spoke about my referral to the crisis team the mistakes that happened and what must change.

The committee are seeing three other charities and I have no doubt they will appreciate the urgent need for major change. Much of my evidence focussed the need for Manx Care to listen to members who have felt suicidal. We can play a huge part in bringing about change. That will take a shift in mindset from Manx Care, the government and the population in general. We are People Actioning Change Together and I am so grateful to each and every member for your support and joining me on the journey. Thank you


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