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The 5 Types Of People You Need To Check In On

  1. The person who has been acting “out of character” lately. Whether this is “snapping” at something small or behaving more “recklessly” than usual, it’s important to check in and understand the cause behind this change in behaviour.

  2. The person who has gone quiet. Often people socially withdraw when they’re overwhelmed, the symptoms of their mental illness are severe, or when they’re emotionally exhausted. Of course, they may need space to recharge - but just showing that you're thinking of them and that you care can still be so heart-warming.

  3. The person who is always “the helper” for others. Because their needs matter too, and because they may have learned how to appear “okay” while they care for others (even when they’re struggling).

  4. The person who has had some “big changes” lately. Whether it’s moving cities, a change in their relationship status, or a big change at work, big changes can be very unsettling and taxing on a person's mental health as they adjust to their new reality.

  5. The person who displays low mood or is distressed. Because there’s something unsettling their “inner world”, they may need your support through it.

Like we said, our friend, please do your best to check in on these people!

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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