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Support Network

We often hear of the need for a support network, but what exactly does that mean? It is not a list of all your friends family and colleagues or people you might chat to at clubs or associations but more select. It consists of those whom you trust in a crisis. Someone you feel you could reply on when you can't cope. Sadly many people are at a loss when thinking of names to include. Perhaps family members won't understand your problems, friends might think you have nothing to be concerned about. Perhaps others believe in a persona you have built up by way of hiding your true feeling?

When in a crisis we can be vulnerable and any adverse reaction can severely knock us back, so you must trust those within your support network. It is also best to decide who to contact when you are well. You might wish to discuss the fact with them, but they need never know they are on your list. The problem is until you are in a crisis you do not fully understand how important the network is. Anyone can be in your network and you should think about different personalities for different circumstances. You might want someone who will cheer you up, perhaps distract you from your worries. Or perhaps you might need that one person who you can have a serious conversation with. Include them and others depending on the support you might need at the time. Others you might wish to include could be your doctor, the Samaritans, the Crisis Team, or the details of a psychologist. Perhaps it might be someone to play sports with, or maybe an old friend you could call for a friendly chat. Think of who else might help, such as ManxPACT or other websites where you might be able to receive online support, or just to be reminded you are important. Write the list down and keep it safe. Possibly in a soothe box with other ideas to help you in a crisis. All too often people assume there is no one who could possibly help, but with some care and thought there is always someone. Remember the more you talk about mental health the more who might form a part of your network. The following article provides additional ideas.

Take care and if all else fails, try us!

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