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Mental Strength

The quote from the picture is there to make us think Mike Tyson is strong and clearly his philosophy must be the one to follow. It must be right if Tyson says so.

Yet what is missing is that Tyson went "off the rails". His demons took over. Even the heavyweight champion of the world, a man monster in his prime, was susceptible to mental ill health. Tyson was lost to his feelings. The true message of this quote is that anyone can suffer mental ill health.

Athletes are highly susceptible to physical injuries AND mental ill health because they push themselves to the limit, even with the best care on hand.

Let's not kid ourselves that "individual resilience" is the answer to the Island's mental and suicide problem. Try telling the victims of the Post Office scandal that they were simply not resilient enough. When you need help a resilient nation will have assistance on hand for you to access. That is the type of resilience I want to see for the Island.

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