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Man Down Campaign

This is a campaign video for 2024 from the group in the UK called Man Down.

It’s a thought-provoking watch, but that’s exactly what its meant to be!

Far too many men suffer in silence and are not able to talk openly about how they feel about themselves, their lives and the world around them.

The stigma of male mental health needs to end.

Whilst Man Down is located in the UK, we have our own version here on the Isle of Man within Manxpact. We run regular meetings to help men (and women) talk in a safe, supportive environment without judgement.

Together we can eradicate the stigma of mental health.

Man Down want this video to be shared far and wide. They want to make men understand that the trauma effect and the destruction left behind after a life is taken is unbearable and utterly devastating for everyone involved.

Please do take the time to watch and also if you need to talk then Manxpact is here. Please also visit our Facebook page to find details for meet ups and support.

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