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Is Christmas Over?

The TV and shops would tell us Christmas is over. Many of us spent many weeks preparing for the big the day. A feast with friends and family and that is it; Christmas is over for another year. Those who go to Church continue the celebrations for another 11 days. But where does that leave us?

Perhaps you are sad your diet has been thrown off track. Regretting that pudding following the full roast? But for others the regret is ingrained. It runs deep and can't be cured by the end of Christmas and coming New Year. Loneliness continues, trauma remains, financial worries are often seem so much worse, addiction might have left you with other dilemmas. Perhaps you are a carer seeing how badly Christmas has affected your loved one, feeling helpless to make things better.

For all too many of us the trauma for Christmas has left wounds you cannot see, but which add to our daily struggles. We see how isolated we have become. Many post imagines of the their "perfect" Christmas on social media. We have to face others in the New Year or at work, pretending our Christmas was perfect too. No one, it seems, wants to hear about our difficulties over Christmas. And so onto a New Year. People talking about their resolutions, their plans for the New Year and yet again we get left behind. So when you return to work or post to your social media spare a thought for those whose Christmas was not full of parties, drink and fun. When asking others abut their Christmas really listen to the response and see how you can help them as they feel so low. Now wouldn't that be a great New Year's resolution for everyone? We at ManxPACT care and would love you to join us. Please read about our stories, learn you are not alone and understand that there is help available. We can bring hope in a world that all too often does not seem to care.

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