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Happy New Year

We will see countless messages announcing the New Year with New possibilities. There will be posts and programmes about the old year and looking back at what has been achieved. This is inevitable but how do these messages really make us feel?

New Year New job? Yes, great idea but there simply aren't the jobs available for all of us, and is the grass really that much greener elsewhere? Our lives continue on 1 January the same as they were on the 31 December. This is not pessimistic, just a simple fact. At this time of the year we can all too often put pressure on ourselves to change. In doing so we remind ourselves of things in our lives to which a New Year's resolution will not solve.

The majority of New Year's resolutions fail because the level of expectation is too great and we are looking for results in January, not spread throughout the year. Instead of thinking about infinite possibilities, why not think about small steps. Try some realistic goals you can achieve by the end of the week, month or year. Allow for failure, set backs and time to regroup and start again. Whatever you are doing for New Year I hope you find peace and rest, and get through what can be a very difficult time of the year.

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