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Happy Christmas

What is Christmas for you?

It's Christmas sang Nobby,

Step into Christmas, invited Elton John

Bing dreamt of a white Christmas,

The Great George Micheal broke his heart

Band Aid wanted to feed the world

Happy Christmas War is Over sang Lennon and Ono

Today wars are spread throughout the world. The first Christmas there was no room at the Inn. In the UK refugees are labelled boat people and terrible atrocities take place in Isreal and Palestine. Here on the Island we have all too many suffering from Mental Health problems with an horrific suicide rate.

So what will you think as Silent Night plays out on the radio?

But here on the Island we are standing up and being counted. We coming together this Christmas. The Adventurer's Tavern a new cafe will be open for those lonely on Christmas Day, The Nags Head and Living Hope are offering free Christmas meals and many more are doing their bit, unsung but crucial for those they care for. We have a chat room for anyone who wants to chat to others throughout Christmas. So let's celebrate Christmas in our own way. Action is being taken, changes are in the air and we can look forward 2024 with hope.

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