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Don't Get Angry

Yet that is not the full story. We need to process anger and not bottle it up. As ever problems often arise as part of childhood protections. For me I had to stop getting into fights all the time. I was not allowed to express anger at home and so I eventually blamed myself.

I was at fault, as I was constantly told. That anger was directed inwards. I would punish myself so instead lashing out at others I was always at fault. I would think of bad things about me. My memories of my teenage year were wanting to jump out of the bedroom window at the top of our house. Decades later I examined anger with my psychologist and she said the anger has to come out. I felt no anger toward my parents and it was still directed to myself. This is something I am still working on, but it takes a long time to undo a coping mechanism that was flawed from the start. The following article warns of the dangers of bottling up emotions. By all means control your anger but don't suppress it.

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