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Domestic Abuse and Mental Health

According to the UK Office for National Statistics 1.2 million women and 700,000 men experience domestic violence each year. Sadly domestic abuse on our Island is also all too prevalent and it is a problem that only got worse during COVID. The following short article discusses mental health statistics surrounding domestic abuse.,abuse%20in%20the%20general%20population.&text=Exposure%20to%20domestic%20violence%20has,levels%20of%20mental%20health%20problems.

Domestic abuse comes in many forms from controlling behaviour, violence, intimidation, drunkenness and much more. Often the victim is subject to more than one form of abuse and sadly there is often more than one victim in the house when children are involved.

Please remember that anyone can be a victim from young children to the elderly. Often a common denominator between all is a reluctance to speak out. Many think the abusers behaviour will improve and feel obliged to make the relationship work. There is a large tendency to for the victim to blame themselves for what is happening.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse there is support on the Island. Should you feel trapped consider contacting Victim support who do a fantastic job. You can find them here:

Whatever abuse you have suffered you might find yourself in need in our mental health services. We would highly recommend you speak to the doctor about the abuse and support required. Do not be put off if you are placed on a waiting list as help is available. Many services are detailed on our directory pages, and you will meet members who are facing, or who have dealt with, similar problems on our Facebook group. Always remember you are not to blame and we care. Reading this article could be the start of recovery that you so deserve.

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