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Blue Monday

There are many ways in which mental health is exploited for personal gain. This includes celebrities talking about their "mental health" when often what they mean is they were sad. Other might use mental health to explain sporting failures or bad decisions. What is so insidious is that we cannot dismiss such stories because they could also be true.

I personally find it impossible to know whether the celebrity is telling the truth or not and usually give the benefit of doubt to the speaker. I know what it is like not to be believed. It is good when topics are addressed by celebrities and more people speaking up will help tackle the stigma. But it is a double edged sword when the stories are fake. The stigma is real and the reaction all too often is, yeah, yeah how convent to have a mental health problem. There is however, an even more cynical use of mental ill health for personally gain. You will no doubt have heard all about Blue Monday - the third Monday of January. Only it is nothing but a myth. A ploy by PR firms to make us all think of our holidays during the dark days of January. We are vulnerable and far too often Mental Health is exploited for personal gain with no thought to the effect it has on these struggling. The damage done is very real. Take care and remember Monday the 15 January is no different to any other Monday. For more information please see the following:

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