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20 Things You Should Congratulate Yourself On Doing If You Have Depression

Like we often talk about at The Depression Project, when you're deep in a depressive episode, it's very common - and understandable - to feel exhausted, unmotivated, and to become overwhelmed by even the smallest of tasks.

And, for this reason, whenever you complete any one of the following tasks while you're deep in a depressive episode, then we really encourage you to congratulate yourself!

  1. Getting out of bed

  2. Having a shower

  3. Brushing your hair

  4. Surviving another day

  5. Ticking something off your to-do list

  6. Going for a walk

  7. Doing the grocery shopping

  8. Cooking a meal

  9. Doing the dishes

  10. Doing the laundry

  11. Journaling

  12. Going to work

  13. Shaving

  14. Brushing your teeth

  15. Keeping your mood diary

  16. Giving yourself a compliment

  17. Reaching out to a friend

  18. Changing your clothes

  19. Responding to messages

  20. Collecting your mail

Because depression can make you feel completely and utterly exhausted, zap your motivation and make even the smallest of tasks feel overwhelming like we've said, then you really do deserve to give yourself a pat on the back whenever you complete any one of these tasks!

All our love,

The Depression Project Team.

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